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Insiders Circle Membership
Your Very Own Trading Business

1 to 1 training and mentoring and access to our experts who have made millions from trading

Equitimax Insiders Circle Membership – Your Very Own Trading Business including 1:1 Mentoring and Coaching And Access To Our Experts Who Have Made Millions

The Equitimax Insiders Circle trading business will offer you many of the key fundamentals that are the driving reasons why you are looking in the first place.

MONEY…. its profitable, no doubt about that, very profitable.

TIME…. everyone wants more quality time with their family and the ability to work around them.

FULFILLMENT…. nothing helps deliver significance better than achieving personal success and providing a level of ongoing security and skills that creates the certainty that this is the right opportunity for dedicated and ambitious people.

FLEXIBILITY.… you get to decide when you run your business, this is a work from home business that can be operated part time or full time when you want to.

SCALABILITY.… part time, 20 – 30 hours, anytime of the day that suits you, start small, run it anywhere and over time scale up to a 6 figure business income, you decide.

If you are starting a business you need to identify the KEY Elements and the Points of difference that make this opportunity unique.

1 – LOW Initial Set Up

Who wants to pay Twenty, Thirty or Forty thousand pounds for a business when you can pay so much less than that? This business offers a ridiculously low initial cost when you consider everything you receive.

2 – LOW Ongoing Financial Risk

Most businesses die because they cannot break even each month never mind make a profit. Your trading business has the potential to grow at a rate of knots once you have mastered the trading systems and understand how to keep your risks low.

3 – QUICK BEP (Break Even Point)

Many businesses never actually return the initial outlay returned for buying into the opportunity in the first place. Trading has ability to break even much more quickly than any other could

4 – Demand

It operates in the biggest market in the world and you have the backing of industry recognised experts to enhance and build your credibility

5 – Low Ongoing Monthly Maintenance

Your only real monthly ongoing cost is the cost of your access to the internet and technology you use.

6 – Staff

Staff are expensive you have massive responsibilities and they can drown your business, this opportunity has been designed for one person to run on a part time basis.

7- No Stock – No Delivery

The purchase of stock is not required. There are no holding costs. No storage costs. No delivery or distribution costs. Your trading business is accessed from the ‘Student Lobby’ where you log on to access the material. That is it.

8 – No Premises or Leases

You run it from your computer at home or in fact from anywhere you want as long as you have access to a stable internet connection…It is that flexible.

9 – Ongoing Income Streams

Overtime there are multiple opportunities for you to learn how to create additional incomes streams from your trading and our other capital growth opportunities.

10 – Track Record

The trading systems have already proved it works so the new business owner is using a business model that works and is PROVEN.

11 – USP

The 1 to 1 tailor made training programme is unique. This is why it has been so successful for so many individuals. And don’t forget the unique RISK GUARANTEE where we can trade for you.

12 – Respectable and credible company

If you do not have the support of a team who have done this before for others and has experienced many successes, then entering the world of trading on your own is going to be problematic and only result in you pushing S*** uphill.

Let’s face it….. you want to join a growing company with proven systems, that is developing for the benefit of its members, that provides an ongoing business that works now and has worked before, while building in increasing opportunities and revenues over time and which adds the lifestyle element to the opportunity for you and your family, if this is what you want and you can dedicate as much or as little time as you can spare then you MUST find a respectable company to help you along the way.

The Honest Truth:

Many businesses may manage to incorporate a few of these massive benefits: These Key Elements and the financial and essential Points of Difference. These are the magic ingredients that offer up not just a formula for success ….but an actual recipe for success…

The Equitimax Insiders Circle offers all of the points listed…..

This is the complete 1 on 1 mentoring programme that provides you with everything you need to know to run your very own trading business from home.

Module by module, step by step, you can explore all aspects of developing a viable trading business. Every student is allocated a personal one on one mentor who accompanies members through the programme as they work toward becoming the master of their business.

Each section and module is scheduled with your own trainer and each lesson covers the individual module content and includes exercises and homework. Your own personal trainer will mark and return the work after each session.

The course covers topics from ‘Charting and indicators’ ‘Developing trading strategies’ ‘Trading technology’ ‘Money management’ ‘Psychology’ and much much more

The Equitimax Insiders Circle trading course is made up of 34 in depth modules including manuals, videos and trading technology.

It also includes ongoing online workshops where members can access the Equitimax Insiders Circle experts who have made millions. These experts are running their very own trading business providing you with the perfect vehicle to learn from the masters.

DON’T WORRY… do not need…

– To have done anything like this before
– Sales and business skills
– Technical skills

Attitude and desire and a willingness to be successful are the keys to any business and especially a business that is all about you developing at your own speed and in your own time. If you can learn a new skill  then we can teach you to use the trading systems. What we want though is a bit of realism and a great attitude and then we can create a great trading business between us to meet and fulfill your aspirations.

So if you think you have what it takes to take on and succeed with an Equitimax Insiders Circle business, purchase membership below where you will receive 12 months mentoring to build your very own trading business.

The cost for joining is £6999 + Vat if you live in the UK


– $11849 AUD if you live in Australia

– $8999 USD if you live in America

– $11999 CAD if you live in Canada

If you live in South Africa click here to view the Equitmax Insiders Circle Programme that you can join.