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Quality of service, tuition & support

Each person is different and our training is adapted to you.

We pride ourself on ensuring the training you receive meets your goals and expectations.
We recognize each person is different and therefore we ensure the training you receive is tailored to you and how fast you want to develop your trading business.
Our training includes 1:1 coaching and a series of advanced mentoring sessions.

Knowledge, skills & experience

Our experts have trained thousands of people

Our experts have made 100% returns per annum and have made millions from trading and continue to motivate and inspire those looking to achieve success from running their own trading business.
The strategies they teach focus on capital protection first and reward second. You will learn from traders that are trading live right now and have over 40 years of experience of running a trading business.

Flexibility of studying options

Flexible scheduling of 1:1 mentoring sessions to suit you.

1:1 Training is arranged to suit you by our expert trainers. Each week our experts who have made millions arrange online live events where they share with you their knowledge and experience, all events are recorded for you to watch over and over again.
Training will be accelerated to suit your ability and aspirations, meaning whether you're new to running a trading business, or simply looking for more profitable results we can assist.


Insiders Circle Membership – Your Very Own Trading Business

Insiders Circle Membership provides you with 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring over a 12 month period to develop a profitable trading business around your lifestyle. Likened to carrying your own bag or having a professional caddie carry the bag and help with club selection, the 1 on 1 nature of this programme creates the perfect environment for success. Your own personal trainer and then later a coach will work with you on each part of your business, and take you by the hand to walk you through the programme. You do not need to have experience to succeed here, complete beginners can succeed with the right drive and motivations. So if you’d like to….

–       Add serious money to your monthly family budget

–       Create a secondary part time income or a 6 figure full time income

–       Work from home

–       Achieve a perfect balance between work and family

–       Gain a sense of well being and satisfaction like no other

We highly encourage you to get started with this business as quickly as possible.

What makes us stand out is the 1 to 1 coaching approach we take. When Allan and Derek first started assisting individuals to build a trading business their company was the first of its kind to offer 1 on 1 coaching as they identified that for a person to have the best chance of success they needed to progress at their own pace and aspirations. This is what is available here as you decide when you want to spend time on your business. This business can be run on a part time or full time basis and fits perfectly around any lifestyle as it is a genuine work from home opportunity. The reason individuals join us is because they are looking for a business that….

– Has low set up costs

– Low running costs

– Can be run from home

– Proven strategies and systems to follow

– That is simple to run

– Can be operated at a time to suit them

– Total flexibility

– High profit margins with unlimited earning potential

– Provides 1 on 1 mentoring and coaching

– No staff

– No stock


‘Where we put our money where our mouth is as we offer to personally mentor any member who requires additional support’. Some members take advantage of this at the start while their business takes off, others choose to use it much later on. You get to decide when you take advantage of this unique business feature.

Don’t worry if you have no experience in this industry, as all new members go on the same journey and the learning process is adapted to you and your aspirations. So if you are somebody who is looking to pay off some bills and produce a decent secondary income or create a primary income……. this business is for you. Throughout the 12 months our team of experts are on hand to deliver the education programme again to any member who may need additional support. No one gets left behind. …Our story moves on, the question is are you going to be one of those lucky people who tap into this unique opportunity, right now, while the opportunity is growing so that you, your business and your lifestyle, can all grow and develop together with us? If you want to move forward, create a better lifestyle running a business that taps into the largest market in the world and fulfills that work from home ethos, while having that unlimited earning potential, Equitimax Insiders Circle is the business for you, and it is available right now. Why the Equitimax Insiders Circle works so well for its members? Whether your motivations are a better lifestyle,complete control over your future, flexibility or unlimited earning potential this opportunity ticks all those boxes. We know that the journey you go on will require dedication, effort and an underlying desire to make a difference. EIC provides business owners with what they want….

– A business system that is simple and that works towards generating a profit.

– A business system that provides the opportunity for the owner to work on the business as often or – as little as they like

– You can run it from home.

– It is designed to be a lifestyle business. You can pick it up and move it anywhere.

If you are looking to try something that can create a great lifestyle and develop an ongoing business that you can scale up once you have mastered it then trading is for you, all you need to do is to commit to working at it with our help. EVIDENCE

– What we have is the experience as thousands of individuals have used our approach to build their own trading business.

– Direct access to those who have made millions from the industry mentoring and  supporting you.

– The programme provides proven strategies that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

– The sheer size of our opportunity – there is none bigger

– The profitability opportunities of the business model

– A proven results based trading system that complete beginners can master


  The Insiders Circle works and as our members attest to the way the training is delivered and the way it is tailored is what creates the environment for success. Leave nothing to chance as trading is the most scalable business opportunity around and the outcome of mastering running your own trading business is a workable business with great lifestyle benefits, a sense of well being like no other and the skills to make unlimited income. Joining the Insiders Circle will provide that level of certainty regarding your success, we ensure every member completes every lesson and completes the exercises to build up a working knowledge and trading experience. We guarantee that you will be given the most comprehensive training, support, coaching and trading programme to assist you in growing a successful trading business. The greatest athletes, musicians and actors all have professional coaches and trainers to keep them ahead of the field. Businesses and the private sector spend billions on safety and management training, because it works. The top executives have PA’s and assistants to help with the workload and ensure the job is done and implemented as planned. This is not a new model: it is what works in the real world and it works in ours. Experience the passion and excitement of the biggest market place in the world and take that journey with expert traders and fund managers who all lend a hand in your businesses development.


The Insiders Circle Membership Includes:

  • Personal 1 on 1 trading tutor
  • Access to our experts that have made millions from trading
  • 12 months mentoring and support
  • 34 Progressive based individual modules all geared to constantly move you forward in your businesses developments
  • Proven strategies that have worked time and time again for our experts
  • Written manuals
  • Individual working module examples
  • 30 Videos covering both content and working examples
  • Practical homework and practice exercises
  • All exercises are marked by your one on one trainer
  • Online presentations from EIC trading experts
  • Business development strategies – geared to increasing your capital in a sensible and structured approach
  • Trading Plan implementation with help from EIC Experts
  • Money Management studies
  • Capital Protection strategies
  • Psychology modules including a traders psychological profile
  • Latest trading technology and Entry EA (Expert Advisor) that assists you with the implementation of your strategies
  • Motivational, productivity and record keeping strategies
  • Open Q&A Sessions
  • Resource centre for members
  • Webinar and Workshop Recordings sent to all members
  • Live Trading Presentations starring Derek Evans
  • Live consultations with Head Trainer before going live
  • Individual tailored weekly one on one lessons
  • Mandatory homework tasks
  • Audio visual presentations
  • A specific method of trading the markets allowing you to develop your own trading plan
  • Feedback and fine tuning of your trading plan
  • Training events several times a week on the internet
  • A challenge to you to trade the markets, once you understand what to do. Every trade you take in this challenge stage is individually reviewed and assessed by your trading mentor. We nag you to do better.
  • Weekly market reviews each Monday, in a live trading environment.
  • Ongoing trading and technical personal support for 12 months or more.

EIC membership is the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to start a trading business, as well as providing guidance and structure for those that have already entered into the trading arena. The Insiders Circle, while more intensive, offers a wealth of support, training and coaching extra’s, that qualifies it as the premium trading and mentoring programme around. Working with industry experts like Derek Evans and training heavy weights like Allan Foulkes provide that security in your decision to join, ensuring you are inside the right trading circle, providing the very best training and support team, who are always on hand to coach and mentor members to fulfill their individual aspirations. What you need to be is driven to succeed and ambitious to further develop you’re trading skills and experience and add a bit of YOUR magic to YOUR business. That is what is available here at EIC. DON’T WORRY… do not need… – To have done anything like this before – Sales and business skills – Technical skills Attitude and desire and a willingness to be successful are the keys to any business and especially a business that is all about you developing at your own speed and in your own time. If you can learn a new skill  then we can teach you to use the trading systems. What we want though is a bit of realism and a great attitude and then we can create a great trading business between us to meet and fulfill your aspirations. So if you think you have what it takes to take on and succeed with an Equitimax Insiders Circle business, click the join button below and  tell us why you should become the next EIC member. Join11.fw