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Insiders Circle

Equitimax Insiders Circle (EIC) is a total trading solution that transforms people into traders as the work from home phenomenon grows exponentially each year. We do this by delivering 1 to 1 mentoring, coaching and support that provides the frame work for new traders to master the business of trading for a living.

We combine different mediums to deliver the training content, so it is not just dry theory, but an engaging training matrix of trading manuals, accompanying videos, online workshops and face to face trader’s days. Combine this with the 1 on 1 coaching and the EIC mentoring programme is a leading provider for helping individuals achieve their work from home aspirations.

We offer all those people who see running a trading business as the best 21st century opportunity, the most effective mentoring and training process available. Using online and offline training systems, products, services and coaching programs that are often counter-intuitive, EIC introduce entrepreneurs and people who want to run a small trading business from home the key elements and strategies that combine best to deliver real results.

Individuals working from home learn how to increase their income. Whether it be secondary income to pay off bills or primary income, we explore how to find hidden opportunities to add income streams from their trading business and we encourage members to use smarter, more sophisticated methods that are just so much more consistent. These are proven alpha, beta and road-tested methods that have achieved our experts success — not unproven theory — as we turn EIC members into proud owners of a profitable trading business.

Equitimax Insiders Circle or EIC was founded by Derek Evans when he started bringing together exclusive groups of like-minded entrepreneurs. This included: normal working people, the work from home group, traditional business people, speakers, consultants, sales people and brokers who ALL wanted to increase their personal and business wealth through the medium of trading.

The objective from everyone was the same, make more money, maximize their profits and create a better, more rewarding lifestyle. EQUITIMAX INSIDERS CIRCLE WAS THE RESULT2Hand Triangle.fw

EIC teaches members and traders alike to concentrate on the key elements of running a trading business by sharing trading systems and approaches, which focuses on three things that make up our Trading triangle:

• The Right Trading Strategies
• The Right Money Management Approaches
• The Right Mental Mindset & Psychology

Whereas most people are ignoring this straightforward approach as they continue to search for the ‘get rich quick holy grail’, EIC helps our members understand that you must know what you are doing and why you are doing it to benefit from running a trading business and so a learning curve is required to avoid any costly mistakes.

If you want to scale a business exponentially in ANY economy, so you are insulated from the trials and tribulations and woes of the normal man on the street, running a trading business will provide you some insurance against what lies ahead. Why? Because irrelevant of which way the market moves – up or down, good or bad, it is irrelevant because we can always trade it, make money from it and it is always the right time, whatever happens.


As a champion of the popular working for yourself, being your own boss and running a trading business mentality, Derek and his expert team are assisting these entrepreneurs to learn new skills and understandings regarding how things that happen in the river of information, known as the financial markets, can provide that lifestyle and personal freedom that they are all looking for.

Helping these people create money from their own efforts and providing the foundations so many more can start, is primarily what attracted Derek into coaching and training. Read Derek’s full story of why he started his own trading business 20 years ago here.

Derek wants to help even more individuals master the market and succeed running a trading business.

Using his real world trading experience, where results rule… and time and money cannot be wasted on theory, he wanted to help these new breed of entrepreneurs to put an end to wasting their time and money on strategies that don’t work and rescue them from the frustration he observed so many experiencing.

Derek knew he could make a difference to these retail traders and their trading businesses by forming an exclusive group or CIRCLE, where he could share his knowledge. He knew the best way to assist aspiring traders is to provide 1 and 1 training. He coaches his Insider trainers to ensure the information you receive is of the highest quality.

Derek created a place where you can:

• Move your trading from hopeful amateur to more professional strategies
• Work only as much as you want or desire
• Enjoy more free time
• Never miss out on time with your children, grandchildren or family
• Have the type of financial security that provides true freedom
• Experience less stress, strain, worry and aggravation
• Be able to do anything you want, when you want, without anyone’s permission




whiteDerek Evans and his team of dedicated insiders have influenced more individuals run their own trading business than you can ever imagine, in more countries and locations. Derek and the Insider’s Circle use articles and letters, email campaigns, e-books, webinars, products and tools, coaching sessions, live training camps and other resources to educate the thousands of people they have worked with over the years.

Each month EIC members save hundreds of hours of time, by fast tracking their learning curve and leveraging thousands of positions and controlling vast amounts of foreign currency which is ‘creating a scalable income’ using the key elements, the strategies and specific tactics supplied through membership of the Equitimax Insiders Circle and delivered by the circles crucial Insider’s crew – the Equitimax experts who have made millions from trading.

We aim to help you grow your trading income as fast as possible, whilst removing the emotional behaviours that cause traders to become slaves to their trading results and we will guide you towards the mastery of your business so you can spend more time with your family and friends and are in more control of every aspect of your business and your life.

Equitimax Insiders Circle helps individuals like you develop a trading business that allows you to move from where you may be now on to operating a trading business that creates regular profitable results.

Derek Evans has built his reputation for helping entrepreneurs and retail traders master the fund manager’s mentality and move their profits from zero on to 100% increases in account size in record time. It is all part of having a plan and a strategy that allows you the time to breathe as your account grows, you do not want the account size to use up all the oxygen and smothering the trader in stress and worry. It is workable scalable and is tailored to each individual at the level they are now and has been developed allowing members to cope with changes in account size without adding any more committed funds to their approach.

Derek: “There used to be a saying that went — How do you get a trader to trade a hundred thousand dollar account……..Give him a million and wait nine months !!!!!

Now it says — “To get a trader to trade a million pound account give him to me and be patient as compounding the eighth wonder of the world does its magic. —

Derek Evans and his team of trainers, mentors and educators, together with EIC does this by offering a clear trading system and a solution – not just theory.

The kind of trading we teach you is sculpted around the individual members of our Insider’s Circle and with 1 on 1 coaching and training this personal touch is the key and polar opposite of other companies out there.

We on the team are still constantly learning and we still have people we rely on for coaching, because this is what works and it is what we have identified over years as that the fastest way to achieve success. We all need to learn from those people who can demonstrate results and Derek and his team can tick that box. All of us have failed again and again and it is this aspect of our journey that we can identify with our members as they meet hurdles or bends in the road, and we recognise what is required to be successful and this is what we want to share with you.

At the Equitimax Insiders Circle, we will teach you to establish a process by which your ideal result becomes a reality and you can use your trading business as your own personal tool for shaping your lifestyle , your wealth wealth and over time success and happiness.

We combine classic trading approaches with new technologies, level headed money management approaches with attitude and mental conditioning to tie it all together. This process and the key elements get results at incredible speeds and the 1 on 1 coaching provide the support and mentoring that sculpts these ideas and concepts into a real life working business where members run their own trading business.

This is not a system it is a recipe for success for those that dedicate the time required to succeed

If it sounds complicated, it isn’t.

You’ll quickly understand our processes, and be able to create measurable and repeatable accountable trading results and reduce the stress you have had up until now.

The tools and training modules and 1 on 1 aspect of our training when added with live events and trading days, allows us to deliver a unique process of turning our members into masters of their trading business and we also have initial beginners offers that people will find irresistible, or for those traders who want to take a short cut, as they may well know what trading is already, and understand charts and indicators but do not know yet how, when or why to open trades correctly or consistently.

At Equitimax Insiders Circle (EIC), we will show you how to turn yourself from a person into a master of your trading business.

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Trading can unlock the work from home lifestyle allowing you to take complete control of your future.

People all around the world, many just like you, run a trading business because of the flexibility it offers.

Learn from our experts, that have made millions from trading, as we assist you in operating a business you can be proud of.